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Adler P14 FF



We first introduced our new Adler F2000 car at the 1987 Molson Indy.
Of course this was without any testing, just a few laps around Mosport for checks.
First session out we were 12th fastest but slipped to 16th in qualifying.
In the race my hastily conceived front anti-roll bar design failed and I spun.
We recovered with an odd handling car to finish 9th.
With regret that was our best result for the rest of the season.


 For 1988, we made a new lighter frame with a double hoop roll over bar
and widened the front and rear track.
For the first time we also had sponsorship from Dick Baker who owned Canada Transport.
Regrettably we had a rough season chasing top end speed.
We tried 4 engines in our 7 races with no solution.
It turned out fuel delivery was the culprit ... long story.


For 1989 we made a new high tail section and were hoping to race that season.
Running a small business and our young family became a necessary priority,
so that was it for us.

1989 to 2022
 At the end of 1989, we moved out of the city to rural Prince Edward County.
The car sat up in our loft all this time gathering dust until one morning in 2019.
I was minding my own business sitting out on our deck with Joan.
We were having our usual morning coffee when
quite out of the blue,
Joan said we should restore the race car.
And she even made it sound like a good idea.

I can honestly say that the thought had never even crossed my mind.
I knew instantly we were in trouble.
A project like this will consume a lot of time, money and energy.
 Other parts of life will suffer.

However with Joan's constant support, the car is ready to run again.

At first Calabogie test.


Adler P14 FF Specifications:
 tubular steel space frame
Suspension   front/rear 
 unequal length wishbones
 pushrod/pullrod actuated
 left mounted radiator
 rack and pinion
Track front / rear 
 63" / 60"
Overall width 
Overall height 
Overall length 
 5.5 x 13"
Curb weight 
 1125 lbs w/driver
Fuel capacity 
  29 litres
 1.6 litre 4 cylinder Ford
 Hewland Mk 9

  The Adler P14 FF is designed and built by:
Percy Adler of Adler Metal Works
 Prince Edward County, Ontario

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